Differences between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the Way of Promoting your Product and Service and reach your Target Audience With the help of Marketing you can Boost Your Sale But in India, There are so many Business owners Who take Marketing as an Expense Not as Investment but the Reality is if you don’t Reinvest in your Business that There is no Chance to Grow or Boost Your Sale That’s why Marketing Play is Big Role in Business we all are Covered from Marketing Strategies From Momo to Apple Everyone is Promoting there Business Physically or Digitally. someone Promoting their Business through Social Media Marketing & someone Promoting their Business through Holding and Newspapers.

Digital marketingWhat is Digital Marketing –

Digital Marketing is the Modern way of Marketing nowadays Every Business. Promoting their Business through Internet Medium Like – Website, SEO, Google, Bing, Social Media and many more. If we define Digital Marketing in One Sentence that will be Called Marketing Through Internet.

Top3 way of Digital Marketing –

1-Social Media Marketing

2-Email Marketing

3- Chatbot Marketing

Social media marketing

Social Media marketing –

In 2021 there are billions of Users on Facebook and Instagram. That means our Target audience is on Social Media Platform. Now we use social media marketing to show our Products and Services to our target audience with the help of video, Graphics, ads .e.t.c. With the Help of Social Media Marketing, we can retarget our Audiences’. Due to retargeting we can generate more leads and sales for our Business.

email marketing

Email Marketing –

Email Marketing is the new way of marketing where you can collect Data from your Target Audience, and start sending cold mail to themes sending mail to 10000+ People. Manually in one day is not Possible for that we have so many tools like – many Chat, Get Response, click funnel e.t.c with the help of these tools we can send mail to the theme in just one click. Email marketing can help you to Generate so many leads and sales for your Business.

chatbot marketing

Chatbot marketing –

Chatbot marketing is also known as messenger Marketing with the help of chatbot marketing we can Promote our Product and Services to our targeted Audience you can simple start chatbot marketing looks like Shilferbt & Manychat. with the help of this tool you can Build Product Brand or Personal Brand.


Traditional Marketing –

Traditional Marketing is Like Undertaker People think that it is dead now but it still exists in a small city you will see that. Traditional marketing has a higher ratio than Digital marketing Because small shop owners don’t have enough budget to spend on digital marketing that’s why they Put Holding, the banner of their product and services also they know that their target audience is not on the Phone if you go on Village side.  The area you will see that very less amount of   People know about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. That’s why Traditional Still has Demanded. But there is a Disadvantage of Traditional Marketing we don’t Track our Campaigns For ex- if we put Holdings on Roadside we don’t know who will see that.

Conclusion –

If you’re a Business or Start-up owner then marketing is part of Business you cannot Ignore. The Facts of Promotion Because If you will Not Promote your Product or Service how people will know about you. It Doesn’t Matter How you Promote Your Business Through Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing.   Important is a promotion if you’re Promoting your Business and defiantly. You will Able to grow it. if you have any doughty Please let me know in the comment box.