Top 5 Industry for Start-up

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Before we tell you about the Top 5 Industry for start-up, there are many People Outside Planning a New Start-up every day but still they don’t know how to find the Right Product or Industry for their Start-up. They Jump Random in Start-up Arena and get Know out in a few Year after so much research it is confirmed that 95% of Start-up Fails in Five Year and Next 4% Start-up Fail Next 5year only 1% Start-up Work 100year start-up Like TCS ( Tata Consultancy Service ), Infosys, Flipkart, Amazon, Oyo, Uber, Ola e.tc  we have so many case study of Billion Dollar Start-up. but we also have examples of some famous Start-up who fail in their Journey Like – Autoraja, FashionNara, Askme, Shaharbazar and many more.

What is mean to say if you will Choose Your Industry or your Product based on emotion might be it will fail very soon but if you’re able to find the right niche and Problem-solving Product no one can stop you. Now in 2021 after the heavy loss of Economy and Covid -19. some industries are Booming like hell. I’m going to share the Top 5 Industry for a start-up with you which help you to understand the market Trend.

Top 5 Industry for Start-up?

Edtech – After Heavy loss of economy and Covid -19 Edtech is Booming Business Industry Every one start Learning and Teaching Online. people are Launching their Course and Guides and Start earning through it. Edtech startup Like Buyju’s, Vedantu Growing 10X. so if you’re a Teacher, Instructor or Coach and Want to start you’re Business and Start then Edtech is one of Best Industry for you.

How to Start Edtech Start-up ?-

Starting an Edtech Business is not Rocket Science all your need Few Skills and equipment to start an Online University or Coaching Classes.

  • One Internet Connect
  • Laptop of Desktop
  • Good Camera Quality
  • Light and Mic setup
  • Content
  • Website
  • Video Conferencing Tools Like – Zoom & Jio

So these are the tools and skills which you need to start your edtech Business. start with basic and then Bootstrap your Business or Start-up.

Health & Fitness  -

In 2021 People Are Still Suffering From Covid – 19 and that’s why People Start taking their health and Fitness Very Seriously. Everyone this Talking about Immunity Food, Healthy Food, Fitness & workout. so here we have a great opportunity to start a New Business or Start-up you can become a Yoga Instructor, Gym Trainer or you can open your own Gym and Fitness Club also you can Guide People on What they should eat you can Become a Nutritionist.

Medicine & Pharmacy –

This is one of the Evergreen Industry in this industry you get the maximum amount of ROI ( Return on Investment ). if you have Knowledge about Medicine or Pharmacy then you can Enter this industry Build your Own Medical Product Like Sanitizer, Mask, Surgery Equipment & many more.

Youtube –

So many people think that YouTube is just a Timepass thing but after Jio Revelation Internet Consumer Growing Day by day. and now you can also open your new YouTube channel According to your Interest one thing which I like about Youtube you will become your own boss if you’re Creating Content and maintain their Consistency. you are able to grow your Channel Very soon There are so many methods to Earn Money Through YouTube –

  • Ads Sense
  • Paid Promotion
  • Influencing Video

Event Management –

In 2021 Event Management is one the Best Industry for Start-up Because Nowadays People Become So Lazy They want everything on  One Place Without Hustling and When its comes to Wedding or Family Function. There are so many works to do hence we need someone who can manage all these things all The Arraignment and that's why Event Management.


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Conclusion – if you’re Planning to Start a Business or Start-up then These are some Industry which you can join and Build Your Start-up and Grow it you can Also Use Digital Marketing to Promote your Business like website, Social Media Post, Facebook ads, Google ads with the help of these Marketing you will get more leads for you’re Business.